Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Too Late 2

TD Electronics
I've been sick for the past couple of weeks but that's no excuse. We've been recording some vocal parts for a couple of songs and it's taking more work than I thought. I tried recording mine while sitting at the computer but the noise level is unbearable. I'm going to have to set the track to loop and then go into the vocal booth to do mine. We rerecorded "Too Late" last night and I am a lot happier with it. The first one had some tempo changes that I wasn't too thrilled about. The tempo is much smoother and Joel moved the key up a whole step. It gives it a bit more of an edge. I'm considering having Brandon redo his drum part on "Smells Like" because the process of replacing the drum parts is tedious at best and I'm not entirely satisfied with the results. I should follow my own advice and "Do it right the first time".
On a side note, I am so pissed off about my loss in Madden 2006 last night. I had the game right in my hands and screwed it up because of poor time management. The score was tied at 17 all and I had gotten the ball down to the 2 and it was 3rd down with about 25 seconds left. I instinctively hit the time out button instead of letting some more time run off. I kicked the field goal to go ahead. By the time Joel got the ball, he had 18 seconds left. He ran 2 plays for almost no yards and had 2 seconds left. I set up in a cover 4 safe defense and he threw a Hail Mary. His reciever got behind my defenders and ran it in for a touch down with no time left on the clock.
I'll be putting together the newsletter for the website this weekend. I hate the end of the month because in my day job, I have to fill out 4 monthly bids for the local casinos and it wears me out